About Us

Introducing Solmedica....

Emerging economies can become important breakthrough opportunities for your company. Characterized by fast-growing middle classes that are demanding improved healthcare services, most of these countries have no alternative but to import innovative medical technology from abroad.

Who We Are

Solmedica was founded in 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to promoting market opportunities for innovative healthcare technologies for both human and veterinary applications. Acting as your Agent, we identify and develop a sales network for your products in every country you are considering for expansion.

Working with Solmedica’s experienced and knowledgeable team will establish your company’s unique products in emerging economies whose citizens are demanding better healthcare solutions.


Our mission is to generate new revenue streams and broader global acceptance for your technology. We introduce your innovative healthcare technology into emerging economies in the shortest possible time frame, all without sacrificing your company’s resources, energy, and focus on the world’s leading medical device markets.


Solmedica believes that physicians and patients in emerging economies deserve the same access to the latest healthcare technology as those of us living in the world's leading medical device markets. Our vision is to ensure that people living in developing nations gain access to YOUR innovative products.


Solmedica believes that we can impact the selection of treatment options in emerging economies by focusing on the clinical benefits of your company's technology and by maintaining an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards of business practices in service to our clients.

Our Expert Team

Steve Brennan - President

Steve is a sales Executive with 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has delivered exceptional results in leadership positions in both the U.S. and International markets, including 20+ years with a leading Fortune 500 Corporation.

Having lived, studied and worked in Latin America, Steve believes that innovative healthcare solutions can be delivered at a reasonable cost to many new customers who desire access to more life-improving technology.

Steve is fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of Portuguese. His major strengths include sales leadership, development of sales and distribution channels, incorporation of new business entities, project management, negotiation and problem resolution.